Ok – you clicked a link shared on FB or Twitter.

You need a password to read certain “Protected” titles.

What’s a reader to do!!!???

#1. Click: the “FOLLOW THIS BLOG HERE!” gray button:

at the right-side column —>

[NOT the Blue: ‘Following Øle Øs Stories’ link – unless you’re on Word-Press already.]

#2. Enter your e-mail which is never shared with anybody but the author.

#3. Find a title you’re interested in reading (that has need for a password) and use the “Contact” page.

#4. Or – use a “Comment” section of any published public article and specifically ask for the password to a specific title you want to read.

[Make sure you have become a “Follower”]

#5. Have patience while waiting for the author to get your request and e-mail you the password.

#6. Sometimes the author will include the password when it’s posted on the internet.

#7. Remember passwords may not be viable after 24 hours. If you haven’t read the article by then, you’ll have to ask for a new password again.

Thanks for becoming a reader of Øle Ø.’s Stories!