woodstock3.jpgAbout this feral writer:

I am a former member (retired 2016) of SAG-AFTRA – the Actors’ union, and have a B. A. in Theatre and a minor in communication from the University of Minnesota, Duluth.(2000)

I’ve also worked in the construction trades in NYC (carpenter’s union – retired 2005) and many other various jobs in the Mid-West – too numerous to list here.

Born in Staten Island, New York – I’ve lived in Brooklyn NY, Baldwin NY, New Hampshire, (1970 graduate of Oyster River High School Durham, NH.) Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, The Hudson Valley of NY, Massachusetts and lastly –  Maine. I’ve been to Jamaica and Canada and that’s it.

There’s a rich diversity of my life’s road – like taking French II at ORHS sitting next to Joyce Maynard (J.D. Salinger’s Muse) in 1969;  Working with Oscar winning & nominated people – too numerous to ‘name drop’ here;  Endured three open heart surgeries by top world-renowned surgeons – in NYC; Drank myself senseless at some of the top NYC taverns known to man and women alike; (Hic – Just ask Mr. Robert Gilmartin – he knows where my name is carved on a corner of a world-famous bar, in mid-town Manhattan (defunct – “The Rock” – now called “The Celtic Rail” ) – or find Dennis – the former bar keep at P.J. Clarkes and now at Bobby Vans – last I saw him in good health) OR  – my early ’70s hitch-hiking adventures – thrilling adventures  – laced with danger, love, worn out boots and shoes and timeless ventures throughout the mid-west jungles and southern swamps of Arkansas and hillbilly girls;  Being associated with known criminals, unknown serial killers, murderers, ex-felons and mobsters from construction sites – from Import / Export Kennedy Airport businesses, to Little Italy. Working in the North Twin Tower at Cantor Fitzgerald, approximately one year prior to 9/11 – and watching and witnessing the 1st airliner fly low down the Hudson River, hitting a mark below the 104th floor, where I had worked.  What crushing bones are upon me.

I’m also an Aries, a stoner and all around Bon Vivant.

I have one wife, seven children and ten grand-kids.

All this information is useless when it comes to writing unless memories are effectively put on paper, in a entertaining way, sometimes humorous, sometimes sad. I’ve recently started calling my memories: “Bones,” after reading Natalie Goldberg’s book – Writing Down The Bones and when I write, I consider my writing as: “Crushing Bones”.

Thanks for showing up and reading!

(all published stories Copyright 1960 – 2021)


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