The Twitterverse #vss365a posts for June 2019

It ain’t tebackee.

#vss365a posts on Twitter for end of May and into June – 2019 StoriesOfØleØ 📚✒✍♿ @doleolesen
About #vss365a =
What is it? It is a hashtag a writer uses to enter into a possibility of getting your daily, V= Very S= Short S=Story (vss)
Published in an anthology next year.
Everyday there is a word that is prompted – and usually I hashtag the word – like #ancient – the June 1st post.
No one knows who will be published. One has to wait and see. (an hope it’s not a scam)
See the first post after the following quotes from the end of May:
May 28
The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. #Einstein
Jun 2
“#Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while #imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” ~ Albert #Einstein
Jun 3
“Laughter is timeless, #imagination has no age and dreams are forever.” ~ Walt Disney
Begin very short stories 365a

Jun 1
Tacit knowledge recoiled
Empty phrases squelched
Blind seas cleared to
Inaudible bubbles bursting
Windy swells swirling
Colorless water above
Confined to dreams
And nightmares
And vagueness churned
Brings silence back
To #ancient depths of shoals
For June 2nd, please see June 7th – something happened to the original post on Twitter. (suspicions afoot!)
Jun 3
Black ceiling of the #Universe, punctured by pin-pricked holes, twinkling white;
Northern Lights twizzled & twisted in airy space;
Reverberated colors of #willow lengthed branches;
Exploding a trillion light years thru two windows attached to my brain;

Jun 4, 2019

“Writing is the act of reaching across the abyss of isolation to share and reflect.” #NatalieGoldberg – from “Old Friend from Far Away”
#Writing #AmEditing #writers #WritingCommunity #writerscommunity #amwriting #writerslife #NHWriters #goodmorn
Jun 4
We ate
Assumed position
Filling thickness within
Grinding down
Encircling up
Entwined in time
Hitting center
Her mastered drone
Moaning spots with
Slow wet rumbles
And squirting glees
And screaming pleasures
#vss365a #WritingCommunity
Jun 5
Pipe Dreams
my comfy chair
smelling swirls
conceiting a chimera
revealing figments
of synaptic revelations
& fanciful fantasies
with hosts of nudes
riding the beast
creating visionary unrealities
reeking elements of #imaginations
that rock my world’s #phantasm
Jun 7
#Century upon century, her blood soaked teeth drained humanity of its red life-force.
Feasting nightly in alley-ways, highways & byways – constantly lurking.
Creating & birthing races of feasting ghouls, with overwhelming blood desires and pure white creepy flesh.
Jun 7 – originally June 2 post:
Maintaining elite refractory control & utilizing solid mindfulness – an impenetrable vessel of no escape, useless advances & designs in their brains melted & liquified within my unique mental #crucible, skimming their dross for hours & a non-existent exegesis for their fodder.

Jun 8
Where there’s #smoke there’s fire, caused by confusion in a #century of fake news. No #mercy for newbies on #twitter, where #craven charlatans, #willow their #ancient B.S. ways, enacting narcissistic, #lotus blooming dominance & creepy #phantasms of pure distortion.
Jun 8
“I have too much imagination to be a housewife.”
~ Marilyn Monroe

Jun 9
The ultimate #motif?
Difficult. We live, we love, we die, for if we don’t love, nothing continues on, to love & life, with death parting us all.
Imaginations reel at thoughts of a final part, a “sweet sorrow,” designed incarnate, by aliens making our species. Honor form.
June 10, 2019
Getting ready to flip my lids this week and grow a pair of #wings to fly like a hummingbird, where old hats & wigs may get in the way.

Jun 11

We ate
Assumed positions
Filling thickness within
Grinding down
Entwined in time
Her mastered drone
With circling visions of
Dreamed stingers
Moaning spots
Slow wet rumbles
& squirting glees
& screaming pleasures
#NaturesVerse 166
Jun 11
I outlasted childhood & young adulthood.
It was exhausting.
I shirked affability, shyness & avoided authority by exposing levels of incompetence, stupidity & insolence.
I endured emotional abuse – yet maintained #empathy, toward the downcast & disabled.
= A survivor.
Jun 12

Master, they’ll perceive a #ruse.


Are you sure master? The sun is not risen.


Very well master. As you command. How many times?

Jun 13
Check your watch.

It’s midnight, a black as coal moonless side of life.

Spare me sad prose. Shut up & use your night-vision goggles.

What am I looking for?

Signs of life. Not stupid words.

I see Catwoman

SHOOT! Before she spreads germs!

What would PETA say?



The clock struck #midnight. We watched – an eternity – the seconds clicking down & the warden’s hand, flipping the switch. The body jerked, jolted
upwards, shaking violently & spewing an exploding hot liquid drippy mass, from under the hood.
Too much electricity.
Jun 13
To stand out in a crowd you must first join the crowd.


You can quote me on that.

Jun 14
Year 3240
Everyone is metal. My brain, contained inside an encased glass-bottle, w tubes & other nefarious lines, running to & fro, not unlike the rear engine of an old 1967 red Volkswagen. Assembly line repair turned the last 13th #bolt. I finally blew a gasket.
Jun 14
Time froze me solid in a narrow cleft, betwixt 2 rock walls. Arms rose without permission, my hands both grabbing a bolt of lightning & golden arrow & inexplicably slamming together, exploding & slathering pure lava over my naked form, pressing me into the god I am. #vss365a
Jun 16
#Vintage sepia-toned films of creativity, started films of immense imagination.
It took a decade to realize “The Wizard of Oz” was created this way & blossomed into color when Dorothy landed in Oz.
When we finally got a color TV, my eyes were opened to: The Emerald Green City!
Jun 16
Seeking shamans
stumbling in the woods
grabbed knees & sneezed

Carpet flowers bloomed
Deafening noise erupted
& trees wept under
hanging canopy of leaves

Rising #totem
lone misted with
ocular confrontation
Ancient races mirrored
with my gurn bereft
of flesh & face
Jun 17, 2019

#Fog wilting
She appearing
Minds melding
Brains melting
Love molding
Lives meshing
Loins wetting
Valleys erupting
Hearts birthing
Children sucking
Teens rebelling
Times reeling
Earths revolving
Universe expanding
Stars collapsing
Infinites waiting
For nothing
To appear


The following was a response to someone who said they loved ‘Falling’ into my stories:

When one enters the spaces of weightlessness, (falling) one embraces the sensation, without judgments of time.
Once fallen, you embrace it & revel in the joy of floating forever in peace. Falling is good without landing too hard. Thank you.

Jun 18, 2019
What came to me today, to use the word #sentient – for the daily #prompt #writing – #vss365a, is so classified, I cannot, in all comprehension, share it with the world, until the time is right. Why?
Clue: Veritus Inter Mundos (u must have a clean heart, untainted by any religion)


SO IF YOU’VE READ THIS FAR – WOW – I’m impressed.

And – if you don’t want to wait another month to see what I’ve been up to with my writing – just join Twitter (you can block the potus…lol) or just visit this blog and watch the very small twitter feed at the right side of the web-page.

Good Luck!

~ Ole Olesen

About Øle Ø.

Feral Writer since 1960-61.
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