Throw back Thursday Memory: Louis L’Amour

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

Throw back Thursday Memory: Louis L’Amour

Sometime during the mid 1970’s, while employed by Superior Acoustics – a commercial/industrial ceiling outfit in NYC – I worked for a time patching and repairing damaged ceiling tiles through-out Bantam Books Publishing’s offices at 666 Fifth Avenue.

I generally kept to myself – for fear of annoying working editors and their assistants and would sit alone, on the floor, next to my tool box, in a side storage closet area while I ate my brown bag lunch.

One of the assistants asked if I’d like to read some paperbacks shelved nearby while eating and I said thanks and perused the small books – all Westerns – by Louis L’Amour.

Before the week was out – I think I read two of them – both quick reads, enjoyable and imaginative writings of the Old West. It was a genre I’d never read or approached before and was pleasantly surprised to pass the time during lunch doing so.

I think it was a Friday when I was packing up to go home – back onto the subway and S.I. Ferry – when one of the editors asked if I’d like to take some the paperbacks home, as they were final edited copies – complete and finished. I said thanks and grabbed a number of them. They were nice adventures to break the monotony commuting in NYC.

The next week – someone asked if I’d like to meet Louis L’Amour – the writer of these small books.  I said they must be kidding. They smiled and said he was there on business. Wow. A legend. I walked back with them and there he was in his Western garb including his leather neck sliding tie. I met him, shook his hand and told him I was hooked on his books, which I still have to this day. I eventually bought many more.

One never knows who you’ll meet when you work in NYC. It’s a small town.

There are many other stories you’ll want to read in the coming year. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

~ Øle Ø.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I liked this very much. Working in NYC can be anything you want, but your description of melting into the background struck a chord with me. That’s how I discovered many a rare gem myself. Unless you spend time there, it’s difficult to think of NYC as a small town, and you captured that feeling perfectly. Thanks!

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